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HDS Custom Back Print Tees

H-D® See Ya Later Tee

Sizes S – XL: SGD$75.00

Sizes XXL: SGD$85.00



H-D® Toasty Tee

Sizes S – XL: SGD$59.90

Sizes XXL – XXXL: SGD$69.90

Sizes XXXXL – XXXXXL: SGD$79.90



H-D® Celtic Wings Tee
Sizes S – XL: SGD$43.90
Sizes XXL – XXXL: SGD$46.90



H-D® Studded Skull, Merlion Dragon Tee
Sizes S – XL: SGD$45.90
Sizes XXL – XXXL: SGD$49.90



H-D® Bar and Shield Singapore Polo
Sizes S – XXL: SGD$55.00



Bladed Eagle
Sizes S – XL: SGD$43.90
Sizes XXL – XXXL: SGD$46.90


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• Tshirts are subject to availability

• Payment may be made via PayPal

• Prices shown above are exclusive of shipping

• Shipping costs will be fully borne by the customer

• Freight costs will be provided upon confirmation by the customer

Harley-Davidson® of Singapore reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.

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